2021 Awarded Best in Residential Building by the United Architects of the Philippines

The proposed design solution for this family weekend home encompasses form-follows function approach to architectural design, emphasizing clean lines and open floor plans that values simplicity, functionality and timelessness

The design features multiple layers of patterns combined within a clean modern style, open spaces and contemporary clarity. The outdoor is characterized by various lounge areas for occupants to enjoy. The beautiful pool and landscape results to a serene environment that compliments the architecture perfectly. 

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Encompassing the various design elements from the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-sabi and the style of Scandinavian design, the proposed design solution for this family home values simplicity, functionality and timelessness; tailored to the lifestyle of the users. 

Translated in the space are the elements of natural and warm materials from the Wabi-sabi philosophy, namely: Natural Oak Wood, Walnut Wood, Textured Cement Walls, fused with organically shaped pieces,  all tied in by an Earth tone color palette.

On the other hand, the Scandinavian design style is showcased through minimal and clutter free spaces that solely focuses on utilizing functional pieces. Alongside is the balance between Soft & Hard furnishings, muted hues, an airy and light ambiance, for the totality of the interiors. 

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Bel Air Village, Makati 

The design concept of the two-storey residence in Bel Air takes inspiration from modern contemporary architecture, focusing on clean lines and the juxtaposition of vertical and horizontal elements.

In this concept, the house embraces a sleek and minimalist design characterized by straight, clean lines that evoke a sense of simplicity and elegance. Horizontal lines are used to accentuate the width and stability of the structure, while vertical lines create visual interest by adding height and a dynamic visual composition.

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Contemporary Filipino Architecture comes to mind when describing the styles of this beautiful rest house in Malvar, Batangas. It features a stunning, symmetrical and geometric fa├žade that rises in the middle of the site.

This family weekend home features a luxurious living, dining and kitchen areas that seamlessly transition to the outdoor lanai and resort-like pool area.

The hallmark of the architecture is the smart use of fenestrations that added character to the design while allowing natural light and ventilation to keep the home comfortable. In addition, wide eaves and the cathedral ceilings keeps the interior cool.

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